8 responses to “Building another hexapod: Bajdupod 996R”

  1. Blaisun

    Hi, your build is looking almost exactly the same way i would like to go. Would you be able to post a link to the body kit that you got? also, how are you finding the MG996R servos? some reviews have questioned their precision, have you done any testing with them yet?


  2. Blaisun

    Hi, thanks for responding. i will look on Ebay. are you finding the plastic horns deflecting under load, or why do you think they maybe a problem? i have the same fears as well but thought that maybe with load distributed they would be ok. i have been looking for a economical supplier for the MG959 that have the aluminum body and horn right from tower pro to allay these fears..

    Have you looked at the phoenix code from lynxmotion?

  3. Serge

    Hi, ive got the same kit with, surprisingly, same servos and the boards. Atm having power issues, waiting for a new battery. Could you please explain a little more on how did you connected the servo board to the shield. Because im just connecting then to the shied itself and not sure if it can cause problems :/

  4. Roby A.

    did you paralel the output of ubec? or one ubec for half of total your servos?

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