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Playing with push buttons

The first sketch I tried with my Arduino Uno was the button sketch. The code to turn on and off a LED is quite simple to understand even for someone like me that has no programming experience. There are some tutorials on lady Ada’s website, they are very good for people that have no knowledge […]

Arduino Uno pinout

Found this very handy Arduino Uno revision 3 pinout photo on the Arduino forum. You can see it here. I always forget where the I2C pins are. I’ve placed the photo on my desktop for easy reference 🙂

Powering Arduino

Now that I have 2 Arduinos I need something to power them. Easiest is to power the Arduino with the USB cable that you also use to upload a sketch. If you’re going to use it without a pc you will need another solution. One solution is to buy connectors that fit on 9V 6LR61 […]