Bajduino 1284

Bajduino 1284

Bajduino 1284 PCB’s

The Bajduino 1284 is a simple breakout board for the Atmel ATmega1284P-PU. I designed the PCB in Eagle 6.2.0. The Bajduino 1284 has all the necessary components to make the ATmega1284 in DIP format work. All the digital and analog pins on the micro controller are brought out to male and female headers. The silkscreen on top of the board has the pin number layout of the “maniacbug mighty 1284P bootloader”. The bootloader can be found on github. There is an ICSP and FTDI header on the board to program the micro controller.

I had the PCB’s made by Seeedstudio. All the components except for the micro controller were bought from Tayda Electronics in Thailand. I used only through the hole components so its easy to solder. The board is not much bigger then an Arduino Duemilanove/Uno. It is not compatible with the “Arduino shield” layout though.

Eagle schematic:

Bajduino 1284 rev2 schematic

Bajduino 1284 rev2 schematic

It is a 2 layer board:

Bajduino 1284 rev2

Bajduino 1284 rev2

You can download the Eagle schematic and board file here.

Please note that I am far from an expert in PCB design. But I’ve used a couple of these boards in my projects and never had any problems with them.

If you are interested in this board and would like to buy one I still have some spare PCB’s. Sent me an email at info [at] bajdi dot com.

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  2. Lyle Krug

    I’m really curious.
    How did you get Eagle CAD to NOT draw ground traces in the board layout file.
    That’s a trick I haven’t learned yet, and I think it could be really useful.

    I’m just getting the feel of Eagle 6.5

  3. Roberto

    How (or where) can I buy a “Bajduino 1284” board, or at least a pcb?

  4. Pratyush Tripathi

    Can i use arduino mega instead of 1284p?

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