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Flamingo EDA ethernet module

I’m working on a sketch that includes my Flamingo EDA ethernet module. The module I have is not a shield that you can plug on an Arduino but a separate board with the Wiznet W5100 chip on. I bought it together with the IDC shield, you can plug this shield on an Arduino Duemilanove/Uno and […]

My PIR detector sketch

This time I have written a sketch to control a light with a PIR detector, well in this case the light is just a led. When the PIR detector detects movement it turns on the light, and after 30 seconds the light goes out. This is a common circuit in home automation, some of these […]

Arduino digital clock

I found a DS1307 module in my mailbox today. The DS1307 is a serial real time clock, or RTC. You can easily find this chip at your favourite electronics dealer and make your own circuit with it. Several companies that make Arduino stuff sell modules with this chip. They all come with a small battery […]