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  1. ShareBear

    Very cool project. How does the steppers compare to the servo performance wise (speed/torque/noise/software overhead/etc)?


    nice project
    may i know how u connect the gears and servo in the gripper
    if possible please post the image of it

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    […] usual go-to when building a simple robot arm is the ever-pervasive hobby servo. However, these devices are not precise, and are typically jerky […]

  4. Kristian

    Can i replace steppers with the servis,and is the code that you have made fully working with the steppers

    1. Kristian


  5. Dave Albert

    Great job, thank you for sharing it! I printed this on a Cube 3rd gen and it came out very nicely, I only needed to drill out a few holes (1/8″ bit), mainly on the flat plates which were a smidge too tight for M3 screws. My only suggestion so far is to consider adding a support bearing (or just a ring) on the baseplate so the box and arm aren’t supported only by the bottom coupling. (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:53451)

    I’m waiting for more electronics to arrive and will be happy to help with the software development when it’s fully operational (I’m a software engineer).

    Thank you again!

  6. Tehseen

    Hello .. It is a great project.. please make its s IK to control the robot using x y coordinates… It is very important… did you developed that firmware?

  7. Moritz

    You can buy these steppers as 12V variants so they take less current for the same load maybe they have more torque if the voltage doesn’t sagg as much

  8. Danda Vamsi Gopala Krishna

    could you share the dimentions , lenghts of arms. i trying to write own custom firmware for it.

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