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  2. Andrew

    Where did you buy your LCD? I can’t find it, in none online shop.

    Thank you

  3. bootfetch

    Nice! Thanks for sharing! posted this on http://labratsgonewild.com/blog/arduino-mp3-alarm-clock/

  4. shark

    how much the overall cost for this project’s hardware?

  5. Michael Savage


    this is what I need to add to a robot car for my nephew. Do you have a circuit diagram for the build?

    Thank you ..

    Take care,

    Mick Lisburn N.Ireland,

  6. Daniel Cardinha

    Hi, I found your alarm clock arduino project very interesting and I want to do the same. However, I have an arduino uno and thus I would like to ask you if with arduino uno I can do your project with the hardware you chose ? For instance I dunno if arduino uno has the SPI bus.
    Thank you for your time


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