2 responses to “Cheap pressure sensor: piezo element”

  1. Oliver

    Once I experimented with these round piezos, and I found out that (you) I could cut these discs in stripes – without loosing the piezo effect.. (with a Dremel-Diamant-Disk i was able to cut them into small ‘stripes – about half a cm,
    each of them needs to connect them by soldering the wires directly, to one end of the piezo strip.. – the other contact is the layer on’ which the piezo-disk is mounted on)

    have fun & succsess! – Oliver

  2. Oliver

    – the act of cutting: one have to have really calm fingers, and you should ‘cool the cutting area, line, with water, and a soft (!!!) movement to cut… I used them to build them into/under the ‘bridge of my acoustic guitar – to have a ‘sound pick up’.. 🙂

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