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  1. Remote controlling the Dagu Rover 5 with a joystick

    […] 5 I connected my analog joystick and a Nrf24L01 module to my Arduino Uno. I then uploaded the same sketch that I used to remote control my 2 stepper motors. This sketch transmits the analog values from the […]

  2. Michael

    I’m very interested in this and how you got it working. I am wondering, would an Arduino Pro Mini work (have enough pins) to support the joystick and the Nrf24L01 module. I’m looking to make a wireless remote to control 3 motors. Thanks!

  3. Michiel Bruijn

    Thanks to your code I made a wireless link to send MPU data from a HMD device to a RC car.
    Thanks a lot!

  4. Gian Luca

    Hi, Good Job Man. Please, can you post the connection diagram for this project? I am becoming mad to find the right connection thru the code but i have encountered some problems. Thank You so much 😉

  5. Gian Luca

    Hi, i am sorry but a am a newbie and my problem is that in your sketch you use the pins 8,9,10,11 and the 4,5,6,7 to connect the ULN2003 but my problem is that, with the reference of the NRF24L01 info in your sketch, for the connection to Arduino Uno using the Mirf Library, some pins are the same as it uses 8,7,11,12,13 so my problem is this.
    I hope to receive some kind of help, thanks in advance

  6. Gian Luca

    Thank you for your answer. I Know, you’re using Arduino mega and i have changed the CE and CS pins according the arduino uno’s so you are telling that i can change the coils’s pins using the free pins on my arduino uno? (in my case 1,2,3,4 on the first motor and 5,6,9,10 for the second motor). Thank you again for your help 😉

  7. Gian Luca

    Hi man, thank you again for your answer You’re Great 😉

  8. simon derwent

    hi great work just the info I was after can you advise me please on how can I make the speed of the stepper increase the more I push the joystick forward thanks.

  9. Gian Luca

    Hi, i tried to convert your sketch to be used with 2 arduino uno instead of the mega you are using, changing the pins of the CS and CE pins according to the Mirf’s Library pins for the arduino uno as you suggested answering to my previous answer but nothing works. If you want i can post the modified code i wrote so you could help me to exit from this black hole.
    Thank you in advance :=)

  10. Gian Luca

    Hi, sorry to have bothered you, it was just because in the description on your code i saw you have used the Mirf Library. Thank you

  11. Darrel Dwayne

    Thank you so much, I have been lookin for a site I can learn from. You do great work, I appreciate all the effort you put into it!

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