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  1. David

    Hi, i also have a one of these controllers. can u send me the link where u found the software.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. lawrence

    i have the 24 port version of the servo control board and cannot find any software or info on it so im guessing it cant be to different from the 32 port board made by the same people but i have so problems and a question help will be much appreciated
    i need some help here i got the software from the link im on windows 7 OS and i cannot find how to tell it what port to use to assess the servo control board.
    also how do you connect this control board to an arduino i cant find an adapter i am trying to run 8 micro servos off of the board i currently have a 4.5v power supply linked to support them

    thank you for any help

  3. Lachlan

    I’ve got the 16 channel version of this controller. I’m trying to get it to work with Linux (Ubuntu 12.10) but I’m not really sure where to start. Any ideas?

  4. Lachlan

    I’m fairly good with python. I managed to get the controller and some servos setup under windows using pyserial. I’m trying to get it running in conjunction with a package called motion, hence the desire to get it working on Ubuntu. I can’t see the controller showing up anywhere in /dev, does that mean I need to get a driver and if so any idea where I could find one?

    1. thomas

      Hello Lachlan,

      i bought a 16 channel version of this controller and i want to use with my pc where is installed Ubuntu.

      did you solve your problem?

      because my PC don’t recognizes the usb controller

  5. pav

    how are you powering the robot? i am using a 6V but the robot is drawing current >2 Amps.
    Thank you

  6. pav

    hi, I have connected my arduino mega adk board to the servo controller with RX-TX and common ground. also, I could see the command sent through arduino console – serial monitor. but, the servo has no response. LED would not flash on the servo controller. so i think the servo controller is not receiving. could you foresee what might the problem?


  7. Derek

    I`ve just built my first hexapod but it came with a torobot ssc32
    contoll board and a ps2 wireless controller but no manuals on how to set it up. can anyone please guide me? thanks.

    1. Giuseppe

      Hi Derek,
      I have the same problem…have you seen this document? http://www.torobot.com/down/usc32_ps2.pdf (translate into english)
      I have made ​​connections as explained there but I do not understand how it works…

  8. Derek

    i also have a UART usb ssc 32 board

  9. yury

    Hi all!

    I also spent to much time to finde drivers ))

    And found them here – http://www.torobot.com/download

  10. Derek

    any one using the lynxmotoin hexapod?


    HALO , I would like to know why you need extra connect the Arduino board to control the motor

    1. mark liles

      How should it be done, tell us please!

  12. Giuseppe

    Hi at all!
    I have this board. I connected the PS2 wireless receiver with 7 wires to the board but i don’t understand how interface it…the software is unclear to explain it…someone has successful? This controller board is good and cheap but there is very little documentation…help me please!

  13. Giuseppe

    Yes of course. But in the Torobot documentations (poor…) they explain to create the action groups manually and then, like explain in this document: http://www.torobot.com/down/usc32_ps2.pdf (to translate into english) the software of the board recognizes the PS2 controller…we must associate the action groups with the corresponding keys into gamepad…but I have not figured out how to…if you take a look do you can help me to understand?
    Thank you

  14. Edgar

    I just got a torobot board like that one, and after connecting all the motors every time I move a servo a buzz came from the servo and never stops, did that happen to you also? do you know what can be the reason?

  15. Giuseppe

    Hello admin,
    what do you mean with “It even has some pre programmed actions to control a quadpod and hexapod robot”?

  16. Darren Cruse

    Hi guys glad to see this site I bought the hexapod kit and torobot servo controller off ebay and have really struggled to find info…

    fwiw http://www.torobot.com has been my best source up till now.

    I also found there’s a node.js npm module called “torque” that supports the torobot controller I tried it yesterday and I was able to move some servos with it…

    Has anybody gotten a bluetooth serial adapter working with the torobot controller btw? I have this one but I tried yesterday and it didn’t work – I had not reversed rx and tx maybe that was my problem?


  17. Giuseppe

    Hi Darren,
    you know how to use the Rios program for the board well?
    You make a sequence for the walking of the hexapod? I don’t understand well the simmetry interface (click option)…

  18. Andy

    HI to all
    Did you manage to get the Ps2 controller connected and working i have one of these boards and have got it working over bluetooth but tried it with the ps2 and dont understand the software can anybody help.

    many thanks

    1. Giuseppe

      I have the same problem…Also, the board do not connect more with my pc via usb…error of port number and baud rate…I’ve never had problems before…someone knows a reset on the board?
      Many thanks

  19. GuiCoelho4522

    I bought a plate of these Torobot 32 control servo.
    I do not know how to connect the control board on the ps2!
    I wonder if you can help me?
    may be using an Arduino or otherwise!
    I thank the group des now!

  20. GuiCoelho4522

    So I think I explained wrong!
    Actually i want to connect a (PlayStation 2) Control Aboard!
    The manual does not help much!
    And so the plate and ToRobot control software + Ps2 Controller!

  21. SH

    Head over to my blog for a real basic example of the wireless ps2 controller on a Uno and sending commands to the torobot controller.

    Better late than never, but hope it helps.

  22. Aia

    ho can i reprogram or upload my own progrmm on the board?
    can i use the arduino software?

  23. SH

    You need an external MCU (like an arduino) which is responsible for sending data to the servo controller. The torobot controller is simply the receiver of serial data and acts in accordance with the data sent to it…ie #[port number]P[position]T[time to complete the move in milliseconds]

  24. Aia

    @SH, thanks alot,,
    i have arduino mega but i donot know how to wire it with torobot
    i think i have to wire tx and rx is that right?

    Arduino Torobot
    TX TX
    RX RX

    is that right?

  25. Aia


  26. Dmitry

    Hello world! Try this one. All rotated through the PS2.

    #include //for v1.6

    PS2X ps2x; // create PS2 Controller Class

    int error = 0;
    byte type = 0;
    byte vibrate = 0;

    void setup(){

    error = ps2x.config_gamepad(13,11,10,12, true, true); //setup pins and settings: GamePad(clock, command, attention, data, Pressures?, Rumble?) check for error

    void loop(){
    //DualShock Controller

    ps2x.read_gamepad(false, vibrate); //read controller and set large motor to spin at ‘vibrate’ speed

    Serial.print(map(ps2x.Analog(PSS_LY),0,255,900,2400)); // Read the left joystick values
    Serial.println(“T500”); //Send the string off to the controller board

  27. SH

    Just ensure the “include” line reads “include PS2X_lib.h”
    Your code is a modified copy of the code in my blog (see my previous comment above), and the sample I showed got truncated by the blog editor.

  28. Dmitry

    Yes, I did not notice the link above! Ok.

  29. Sai Praneeth reddy

    I have a torobot 32servo controller in past it would get detected and com port was available now I am facing a problem in com-port detection
    The power led’s intensity is gradually decreasing,what should I do kow

  30. Leif Loevli

    Can anyone tell me how I can operate the servos from my PS2 controller, like a RC system?

  31. Motores Arduino | Aprendiendo Arduino
  32. Steven L

    Does your servos or board have a high pitch hum/whine when the servos are powered on? For power, how much power are you passing through VS and VSS? Also, what’s the transistor for?

    Sorry for all the questions, really curious about your setup.

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