3 responses to “Pololu Wixel and Arduino”

  1. Brian Stott

    Hi, Thanks for Blogging. By reading your Wixel experience you are taking the intimidation out of the RF devices.

    Did you know that you could directly link your Wixel Tx to the Arduino Rx and then use a simple voltage divider as the cheaper level converter from the Arduino Tx (5V) pin to the Wixel Rx (3.3V) pin? I just learned about this today for BT devices and then read the same configuration setup on the Pololu instructions for your Wixel. See: http://www.pololu.com/docs/0J46/5.b

    Wouldn’t this be good enough?

  2. Colin Wright

    I’ve been struggling to get wireless sketch uploading (to a Nano) working and I just kept getting that sdk500 out-of synch message. My ‘scope was defunct so I was working in the dark. Finally got the scope working today and could see an apparent conflict of levels in the serial signals. Looked at the Pololu site and noticed a difference in function of P1.6 and P1.7 compared with your wiring table. Swapped ’em – it now works! But thanks for providing the groundwork because without your article I wouldn’t have got started.

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