7 responses to “Dagu Rover 5 remote control with nRF24L01”

  1. Keith

    I have a question about the lcd. Im trying to read serial inputs and display them, but it seems that the cursor is jumping all around and overwriting or randomly plotting the info…can you please email me?

  2. Heinz Peter


    Do you have any examples of how to connect:
    nRF24L01 and BH1750FVI =>(arduino pro mini TX)
    nRF24L01 => (duemilanove RX)

  3. Rodrigo

    Hello, I have a nRF24L01 card and an Arduino UNO. I need to clone a remote control an electric curtain that uses RF 2.4GHZ, it is possible that this procedure and control electric curtain with Arduino UNO and module nRF24L01?

  4. Kelson

    Im having this error “In function ‘void loop()’: error: void value not ignored as it ought to be” at line “done = radio.read( joystick, sizeof(joystick) );”.

    Have you changed something on your library (nRF24L01.h or RF24.h)? im using Arduino 1.6.3 and cant get this working without changing it.

    1. Abhi

      I am also receiving the same error. Did you find the solution?

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