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  1. Daniel flam

    I would suggest connecting the sensor’s LED to an output pin. Then the program should toggle the LED and measure the difference in the value of the light when on and off, thus eliminating some of the environment effect.

  2. NattyFido

    You could also increase the detection range by pulsing the IR LED at a higher current using a transistor.

  3. shake

    Do you have your code posted anywhere? Interested to know if you’ve made some improvements. I just bought one of these and want to do some cool stuff with it.

  4. Sensor óptico refletivo TCRT5000 | AUTOMALABS
  5. Greetings from Kilnettle | i can make stuff!!

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  6. Shena

    Is it possible to use the TCRT5000 sensor to read IR-TV-Remote codes (HEX)?-Like a Universal Remote kind of application. Would it be able to read IR codes?

  7. Nico

    There is a module that contains tcrt5000

    does it work the same as this schematic?

    can it read analog too?

  8. ساخت اعلام حریق و یا دزدگیر ارزان با سنسور tcrt5000

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