4 responses to “Bajdupod 996R: the saga continues…”

  1. Bruno

    My name ils Bruno from France
    I see your bajdupod 996 and I’m vert interresed by your project .
    Si where it’s possible toi fond a dxf of your châssisand leg because i have a CNC so for me it’s note a probleme toi cut him …
    Bruno trop France

  2. Dmitry

    Hello! i make design hexa and i have all drowing in autocad. If you need this a can send to your email. Regards.

  3. Guilherme Alegre

    hello , I ‘m Portuguese and I’m doing a similar project.
    But I am having difficulties in walking, and also to put in speed walking.
    Will could help me ?

    Guilherme Alegre

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