4 responses to “Non blocking code for the 28BYJ-48 stepper motor”

  1. Walter Hynson

    Sir, All decent CNC code runs accel and decell ramps check out GRBL and look at the parameters section and you will see where the user sets the acell and decell speeds,along with the min/max speed ,its called slewing to a desired position also auto telescope mounts do the same thing but anyway great code practice….WCH

  2. Konstantin

    Hi! In the text you said that the code is non-blocking. Probably, I am not experienced enough because I am unable to find out why. While the stepper is running, the MCU should be capable of doing something else at once. For instance taking measurements by means of a sensor. Another difficult task is getting both steppers to rotate at different RPMs simultaneously. Could you possibly demonstrate such ability of your program? Thanks and regards!

  3. James Nick

    Hello,thank you for sharing you code with us. I have a question. How do I controll the speed of the stepper motor? If I change the stepInterval to 1, the speed is still very slow!
    Thank you for your time!

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