5 responses to “DHT22 datalogging”

  1. Vist

    thanks for dht22 source, good work

  2. john

    Hi, I have an ethermega and there is no way I can get this code to work. I can not get the DHT22 and onboard SD card to work together. Do you have any ideas?

  3. john

    Hi, I now have it working. The Ethermega 2560 is from freetronics and is an arduino compatible with ethernet, sd card, and usb as one unit. I am getting confused with the pins that are being “shared” with these built in components and was trying to use pin 53 as a data pin for the DHT22. I rewired everything as you suggested and was ok. I now need to find a complete list of pins and how they are used for the ethermega.

  4. Peter

    Excellent work! Worked almost out of the box. I will use this to monitor the Temp and RV in a small breeding greenhouse with grafted tomatoes.
    Many thanks!

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