4 responses to “Controlling an Arduino through a Rapsberry Pi webserver”

  1. Fire Centaur

    Have you had any luck with this? Any git links?

  2. rod young

    on my new raspberry pi 2 model b
    i have been able to use berryboot and ubuntu with crome
    and down load the ide for arduino
    and program code pass from the pi 2 to my arduino uno

    the new quad core cpu and gb of ram makes it happen

    I am writing this to you on the pi two

    so it is my new development environment

    just a pi two and arduino uno and that is it in front of an hd tv


    simply awe inspiring

    a revolution is about to take place

    where these two devices open the world of computing to many


  3. Hikmat

    I facing error with python code webserver

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