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  1. TrashBot v1.0: my first four-servo biped robot that actually walks. | ramin assadollahi

    […] never really found the time and focus to do it. but then i came across “bob the biped” by bajdi over on letsmakerobots and i fell in love. […]

  2. Bill Adamec

    One of the better walking codes I have found for Bob. Have you done any more work on the avoidance code for our friend, I would be very interested in seeing it.


  3. Khang Nguyen

    I think you can simplify the code a little bit by using case for your if statement.
    Really clean code tho. Keep up the good work.

  4. sudharshini

    Good work..i think the code can be simplified.i would like to get some more codes for other robot can u help

  5. DenisM

    Hi Great Code, many thanks.
    Seems that I do not have the same motion at the end like you show in the video. Are you using the same code ?

  6. Jesper K.

    This code is not the code for Bob or it is maybe some of the code but not all of it, in this code their is no ultrasonic sensor and the code do not work well for biped robots. I tried it, the moves are way to fast and randomly and there will be much adjusting on the code to work well. This code is ….

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