5 responses to “Arduino remote control”

  1. Vincent

    Love the build, looks clean and functional.
    Hope to make one myself at some point.
    I was wondering, what is the range of those nRF24L01 modules?

  2. Sending structs with nRF24L01 modules and the RF24 library

    […] me hours to sent a simple integer from one Arduino to the other. Some time ago I have made my own remote control using a nRF24L01 module. I’ve written sketches for it so it can remote control my hexapod or […]

  3. dizzwold

    Looks great!
    Looking to build something similar but with 2 sets of pots and 2 switches, as for a radio controller for a quad. Throttle, pitch, roll, yaw and 2 aux switches.
    Do you have a wiring dia and code for this?

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