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  1. john console

    can you post all the instructions. i have a spektrum dx7 and ar6100 receiver. i have a monster truck, arduino mega 2560 and arduino uno. thanks so much in advance.

  2. Stephen

    What I discovered with my L298 Bridge was that the so called “15 Watt” heat-sink they come with is pretty much worthless, its more like a 5 watt, I added an old pc heat-sink and fan to one of my units and it can now run a large rc motor at 12V and 2amps all day long without getting to hot to touch the sink. Before that it would run 20 seconds and go into temp protection mode throttling the motor, and you would loose skin if you touched the little heat-sink.
    The L298 if bridged will run 1 motor at 4A peak and 3A continuous.

  3. ryan

    Great work! just want to ask, how do you control it wirelessly? do use an xbee? any chance i could see the code that u use for this project?


  4. Fatih

    İ cant found transciever sketch(car and controller)

  5. Fatih

    Thank you so much for the answer.. I’ve build a car and controller like your car and old remote controller, and after I tried to write some codes but it did not work :/
    So maybe you can help me. I wrote a mail to info [at] bajdi d0t com if you want to help me, please contact me 🙂

    My best compliments.

  6. Fatih

    i used same parts like your controller and car.
    nRF24L01, Joystick, arduino uno, sensor shield.
    Arduino mega, nRF24L01,L298, servo, and dc motor.

    i tryed that codes.
    thats working (dc motor and servo.)
    but i cant use that with nRF24L01 code.

  7. Fatih

    yah, nRF24L01 modules are working with 3.3v (with an example sketch)

    Would you share with me exactly your car codes? (if you want 🙂 )

  8. Hubll

    Give the sketch for the transmitter and receiver please.

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