26 responses to “Arduino pro mini undershield”

  1. Nicolas

    Very nice idea and work – I am also playing a lot with these cheap pro minis board ๐Ÿ™‚

    Do you share your PCB source file somewhere ?

  2. Arsenio Dev

    Awesome! don’t have a paypal, any other way of getting it?

  3. Andy

    Hi I came across this post quite by accident after searching for something similar. I was wondering would it be possible that I can maybe order ten of your PCBs.
    Thank Andy.

  4. Abner Sherrill III

    Hello, you mentioned that you were going to post the Eagle files for your “under shield” project. Have you had time to do that yet? If and when you do would you please let me know. I would like to use them to learn PCB prototyping and to modify them for a scratch build quadcopter project I am attempting.

    Many Thanks and Best regards

  5. Vassilis

    Very nice PCB. I saw you have not included the A5,A5, A6 and A7 pins. Pins A4 and A5 are very important for I2C communication.
    Maybe your next PCB revision includes these pins.

  6. revive

    Any chance you can post your eagle drawing for the board you created, as you’d mentioned before.. I know not all boards are the same, but I can tweak the drawing as needed and I’m too far away to order a board from you… thanks!!! I know the Arduino community will love your contribution!

  7. Farhan

    Hi, I have already sent an email. I have pro mini Atmega328 5v 16 mhz. I will be very thankful if you send me your eagle files for the board you have designed. I tried to use pro mini in my robotic car and its tiny regulator not good for all servos and other stuff.


  8. Abed Ahmed

    i like to get a PCB too, how much would shipping be to lebanon if i buy 10pcs? I’m waiting your reply as soon as possible

  9. Karan

    Hi, What are the values of capacitors?

  10. Tim Glasser

    Please can you post the specifications of the capacitors c1 , c2 and c3 and the schottky diode

  11. Tim Glasser

    Thank you for making this design available. I have puchased 10 of your boards from DirtyPCB. Recommended. I am now building.

    Thank you for details on the diode. The TI LM2940 5v spec sheet only specifies c1 and c2 (0.47uF and 22uF respectively) Are the details of c3 buried in the fine print of the spec sheet? Can I ignore it? Please advise.

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