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Powering Arduino

Now that I have 2 Arduinos I need something to power them. Easiest is to power the Arduino with the USB cable that you also use to upload a sketch. If you’re going to use it without a pc you will need another solution. One solution is to buy connectors that fit on 9V 6LR61 […]

Where to buy Arduino stuff?

After spending some time on the Arduino forum I found a link to the Arduino-direct webshop. It’s a Chinese webshop, and that means they have very competitive prices. Of course shipping and potential import duty and VAT makes it less interesting. I ordered a couple of hundred dollars of parts and had it shipped over […]

Arduino and Gentoo, a bad cocktail.

Rant: Installing Arduino on Gentoo is a b*tch. For Arduino you need the avr gcc toolchain, this you can install through a portage overlay. But because of some bugs in avr gcc this won’t compile correct code for the Mega 2560. After googling for hours and reading dozens of forum and blog posts I got […]